Fatima Mission

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We welcome Catholic faithful from countries around the world who would like to work with us as distributors of beautiful religious articles, Church supplies, Mass wine and cooking oil. Our distributorship program is a great means of generating financial income and at the same time promoting of the Catholic faith by making beautiful religious articles available to the Catholic faithful around the globe. 

Our global distributorship position is highly rewarding. It has transformed the 

financial lives of so many people. 

Amazingly, our distributors are among the highest earning and happiest people. They benefit financially and immensely spiritually. 

Be happy, be highly successful, be a Rosary City Global Distributor!


When you have completed the registration, we will send you a pack that contains some of our beautiful religious articles, including the Gold Plated Stainless Steel pendant and neck chain, Our Lady of Fatima bronze glass plaque, bottles of the Fatima Holy oil, the Oxidized Silver enamel filled St. Benedict Crucifix, beautiful Rosaries and bracelets and other beautiful items.

First time applicants for distributorship are required to complete the registration form on this page and click on the 'Send Message' button at the lower part of the form to submit the form. Processing period of application is between 24 and 72 hours. The registration fee of One Hundred Euros (€100.00) is paid by all new distributors. (Members that registered with the Rosary City programs from or before August 2020 are exempt from the payment based on certain conditions: See below: CONCESSIONS FOR MEMBERS OF THE ROSARY CITY)

Distributors are given the opportunity to begin to receive financial rewards as soon as they register and receive their registration ID. We deposit some cash into the bank account of the registered distributor for each person he or she invites to register. Give your ID number to the people you invite and advice them to insert the ID number in the space provided for Name and ID of Sponsor in the registration form below.


People that are members of the Rosary City on our group platforms that completed a registration for the pilgrimage shall not make further payment unless they want to receive the welcome pack. If you are in this category and wish to receive the pack, which contains some religious jewelries, the glass pack, some bottles of Fatima Holy oil and the samples of religious articles, you will pay Fifty Euros (€50) which is half of the full registration fee.


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Click on the 'Buy Now' button below to pay the registration fee of €100 or click here to request our bank account information if you wish to pay by bank transfer.