Rosary City Fatima 


On January 1st, 2022, a space was dedicated by the Rosary City Fatima Mission, to be used to set up a Special Prayer UnitSpecial Prayer Unit is a division of Friends of Our Lady of Fatima Prayer Ministry that reaches out to people that are going through challenging experiences in their individual lives, in their marriages and in their families. We offer counselling, give words of comfort and engage in prayers with individuals and families that need assistance and intervention. 

The property, which is 7 minutes walk from the Sanctuary of Fatima, has 3 units; 2 spaces on the ground floor to be used for administrative purposes, consultation/counselling, and the space in the basement will be used to create the underground chapel of Our Lady Help of Christians. (View photos below.)


We would need around Twenty Seven Thousand Euros, (€27,000), to renovate and equip the entire space, including the underground chapel of Our Lady Help of Christians. We will equip the administrative department to accommodate up to 6 workers. We will need a computer, 1 high capacity printer for printing of the prayer petitions we receive from all over the world that are submitted at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima. We will need a good video camera, wireless microphones, studio light and other gadgets for the recording studio, where we will record audiovisual materials for the faith classes, and for live coverages of prayers and devotions at the Sanctuary of Fatima. We have a lot of work to do in the underground chapel, both in renovation and equipping the chapel. We want to create a beautiful chapel for Our Blessed Mother. As the chapel is in a basement, we will need air conditioner and good heating system. 


We are calling on all Friends of Our Lady of Fatima, to join hands with us to make this project a dream come true. 

We offer prayers regularly at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, asking Our Lady of Fatima to shower blessings and Her Maternal protection on all the individuals and families that would support this project. We prayed that the Lord would reward you in many folds, whatever contribution you make towards the funding of this project. 

We will put the names of the people that donate to this project and the names of their family members and loved ones on the altar of Mary Help of Christians, so they would benefit from all the prayers that will be said in the chapel. 

Please use the donate buttons on this page to donate to support this important project. If you cannot donate using the method provided on our website, namely; credit card, debit card or PayPal, please send us an email via the email address: info@therosarycity.com or a WhatsApp message via the telephone number: 00351 910 516 558, to request an alternative means to make a donation. May the Lord bless you immensely and reward you abundantly for your generosity.

Please, view the images of the space below.

Space for the administrative department

One of the sections to be used for administrative purposes

The space in the basement for the underground chapel of Mary Help of Christians

A space to be used as consultation area to make contact with the people we pray for

A portion to be used as a studio for recording audiovisual materials for the faith clinic

A portion for the work place altar for prayers at intervals during work 

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